The information provided through this website is part of the on-going effort of the Brentwood Police Department to keep the public informed of crime activity in its community. This information is intended to promote awareness, encourage the use of crime prevention measures, and build a safer community. The Brentwood Police Department invites you to explore the CPS Map-Web mapping program to learn about your neighborhood, to stay alert and to stay informed.

About the Data: The data is based on requests for police services that resulted in a written crime report. For reasons of confidentiality, incident locations are approximated to the block level and do not represent an exact address.

Using the map:  Searching the map is easy. Simply select the types of crime you want to see, set a time period, and click Search! Using the density display you can view incidents by volume.

Stay informed! Request a Weekly Activity Report for your area of interest through the automated email option!

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